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Payday loan business opportunity FAQ's

Payday Loan Industry > Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the Payday Loan "Bible" - Training Manual Include?
    The Training Manual is a 400+ page "bible" covering step-by-step procedures, tactics, strategies, legal forms... virtually every aspect of starting, operating and improving the profitability of a payday loan business. Additionally, we include legal forms, marketing materials, licensing applications for your State/Province (where applicable), etc. Click here for details
  • How much money is required to start a payday loan business?
    We know of individuals starting with as little as $5000. The question is do you plan to begin with a mobile operation, add a payday loan service to an existing business, work out of your home, lease a store front location, an office location, or...
  • What format is "The Payday Loan Training Manual" in?
    (US)printed and shipped United States Priority Mail (2 - 4 days) or immediate download in Adobe Acrobat
  • How do I order a Payday Loan Training Manual?
    Click Here, then select your product and shipping method. You will be transported to our SECURE eShopping Cart. Click on "Go To Checkout" (Note the "HTTPS://" secured web page address in your Browser.) You will then be enter your billing information. Click "Continue" where you may elect to pay by Credit Card, Paypal, Check, etc. Your Credit Card Statement will reflect Trihouse Enterprises, Inc. NOTE: Credit cards and Paypal are shipped immediately. Money Orders & check orders are shipped on receipt.
  • How is the Payday Loan Training Manual shipped?
    Either as an immediate download in Adobe Acrobat (Your best method) or, in the USA, we ship Priority Mail, United States Post Office (we do not charge extra for shipping). Generally domestic shipments arrive at your home or business in 2-4 days. Most International Shipments are an additional $45.00. They are shipped Global Priorty Mail. We will advise you of your exact cost BEFORE charging your credit card. NOTE: If you elect to purchase online or snail mail by check, you must allow 7-14 days for your check to clear your bank. Money Order & cashier check orders are shipped immediately.
  • What geographic areas does the Payday Loan Training Manual cover?
    All of the United States and Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, South Africa, England, and others. Generally, the tactics, strategies, forms, etc. are appropriate wherever payday loans are conducted. The exceptions are in the areas of social security numbers, direct deposit, or the lack of checking accounts.
  • Tell me about your Seminars
    The seminars are conducted 3-4 times each year in So. California. We usually begin in Chapter One of the Payday Loan Training Manual and proceed to the last chapter. However, we often tailor the Boot Camps to you and your Team
  • If I pay by personal or business check, how quickly will the Payday Loan Training Manual be shipped?
    Personal & business checks must clear both our banks before the Payday Advance Training Manual will be shipped.

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